Nov 12 2007

Visitation with teens after Divorce

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Visitation offers children after divorce the opportunity to continue to develop a loving relationship with both parents.

When parents divorce, they often minimize the challenge of ensuring each other ample time to spend with their children. It’s not easy.

It’s one thing to say that the visitation plan should work well for both children and parents, but a totally different thing to try to do it.

A visitation plan for younger children can look very different than a plan for teenagers. Teens are in an autonomy building stage of development and may want to spend less time with both parents.

This is often the best time to develop a more flexible plan where teens can come and visit when it suits them along with the more structured visits.

It is not surprising to find teens who may want to live with the other parent during adolescence. Flexibility is the big challenge…it helps with teens.

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