Jun 12 2008

Sexual abuse by coaches: How often do athletic coaches sexually abuse players?

Often. An investigation into sexual abuse by coaches in Seattle, Washington by Christine Willmsen and Maureen O’Hagan of the Seattle Times newspaper found rampant abuse, coverup and protection of offending coaches, especially by school systems.

Willmsen and O’Hagan tell the story of a 15 year old girl who was pursued and sexually abused by her 34 year old basketball coach in plain view of her teamates, parents and school officials.

When the school could no longer turn their head, they quietly pushed him out of coaching for the school, but said nothing about their evidence of him abusing a minor player to the school where he found a job coaching.

You guessed right…he was accused of abusing another girl at his next school and went to still another job coaching girls for elite basketball teams.

How can this happen? Like I said, some coaches want to abuse players and the culture of denial around this abuse allows it to go on.

What do you think about this? Have you ever been abused by a coach of a sports team?

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