Dec 21 2007

Holiday blues…how are you feeling?

Happy holiday, merry christmas, have a happy new year…what is it really like for some of us to hear this…are we happy or experiencing the holiday blues?

It is important to remember to nurture ourselves during these holidays. Planning positive activities and plenty of rest time will help us feel better. If you drink alcohol, pace yourself and don’t get carried away…literally!
If you are an ACOA or grew up in a family impacted by addiction or other problems (most of us grew up in some type of vulnerable family), it is likely that you have other more unhappy memories about the holidays.

You may have wished for a happy time with your family, but the reality was one of your parents or family members may have been drunk before they even got home from the holiday party at work.

You may have wanted to hide somewhere to escape the predictable fighting between your intoxicated family members…where could you hide though?

Really, there was no where to hide. You probably did what most ACOA’s did…went to one of your friends who had a safe and healthy family and pretended to live there.

You adopted them because you felt safe and more nurtured. They probably knew about your family and made a special effort to make you feel at home and part of their family.

As for me, I would be an altar boy at midnight mass and then go to Billy and Bobby Payne’s house in East Lansdowne for an after church party. It was really great.

How sad is it that the most unsafe place we may have known was in our own homes?
I suppose we all know then, that happiness is a feeling that transcends pleasure or fun…it has to do with committed people who love one another and are able to create a home that is safe and nurturing.

For more tips on making it through the holidays, check out this link.

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