Jan 11 2008

Facing a divorce and need to develop a visitation plan?

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Creating and implementing a visitation plan can be one of the most challenging parts of the divorce process. Here is an online resource produced in Arizona (Chicago, Illinois says thanks!) for divorcing parents.

I work with many parents in the divorce process and know how intense and confusing it can be…especially when there is a lot of conflict.

Fathers especially may fear that they will not get enough time to be with their children or that their children may feel abandoned by them after the divorce.

When there are infants and toddlers involved, it can also be complicated because parents, may underestimate the child’s need for a stable, familiar environment and caregivers.

Blocks of time are often recommended for this age group, so that the non-residential parent (name for the one who “visits” with the children) can have time with their child, but the child gets to return to the familiarity of their home and crib where they sleep.

Of course, visitation plans need to adapt to the changing needs of school age and adolescent children.

More on developmental issues in later posts.

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