May 17 2008

Limbic Resonance: Why Darth Vader did not kill his son, Luke Skywalker

Darth calls out to Luke to join him and the evil empire. When Luke refuses, Darth allows him to fall, knowing the fall will not kill him. Symbolically, this is important for both Luke and Darth.

As Luke’s father, Darth sees his son in his power and vulnerability. While we can not see Darth’s eyes, we can sense that there is some visual connection.

When humans and other mammals look at each other in the eye, it is possible to “see into each other’s heart…literally two limbic systems resonating with each other, back and forth, allowing each other to determine the feelings state of the other. This is called “limbic resonance” or the physiology of love.

So, the Darth and Luke’s limbic systems connected and were in sync. We can assume his connection with Luke helps Darth connect with his own humanity…the embers in his heart start to burn brighter.

This fire begins to burn brighter and sets the stage later for Luke to be able to more fully separate and become an independent and autonomous person.

As a shadow father Darth needed Luke to be obedient, but in the struggle for obedience, begins to let go himself and allow Luke to follow his own sense of responsibility.

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