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Dec 09 2014

A Review: Clearing the Path: Opening the Spiritual Frontier by Dr. Robert Mark

Summary: Dr. Mark gets an A+ for writing an interesting narrative of his personal and professional development. However, a diminished grade for encouraging people to dispense with their critical thinking to entertain the possibility of higher powers and alternative realities. Discouraging a belief in science is a surprising part of this book and therapists especially should not take this advice seriously, lest they begin to practice unethically.
My acknowledgement: I was involved in Dr. Mark’s men’s program and have insights about him and his work. Perhaps there is no good ending in a relationship with people or organizations. This was true for me, so any negative views I express may be colored by my ending experiences.

I was very curious about this book when I learned it had been written and recently had a chance to read it. I surprisingly enjoyed it, as an autobiographical account of the author’s development as a human being and professional therapist. In person, Dr. Mark is both impressive and charismatic.

As the depth of his book demonstrates, he’s intelligent and highly skilled as a therapist. You can tell he has an ease and comfort with traditional forms of therapy and having seen him in action, I can confirm he is an exceptional agent of change in people’s lives.

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Mar 14 2013

Google Keyword Tool, Keywords and Internet Marketing

Marketing helps us bring our ideas, products and services to the right people. We don’t want to market to the world, only the people who may need what we offer.

In internet marketing, keywords may be the most important concept to understand.
Keywords can be understood by simply separating the two words used to construct the concept: key and words.

Keywords are the words we use over and over to attract people to our website logs or blogs. Whether you are selling products or services, there are descriptive words you and the world use.

If the words you use are different from the rest of the world, you are wasting your time writing on your blog.

The google “keyword tool” is a great way to determine what words are being used to search for whatever it is you sell or want people to know about.

Click here to go to the keyword tool, follow the simple instructions, and you will see if the keywords you think are “really cool” are helping you at all. I just used the tool for a friend who I am helping improve his internet marketing and found his keywords are not helping at all.

We often think our own ideas are great, but if we want others to find us, we have to find the best KEYwords to use.

Also, we have to use these keywords in a website log or blog, so that the search engines will find us when they go searching for those keywords people are using to search for products, ideas or services.

To understand why website logs or blogs are better than traditional websites for marketing, click here.

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Dec 23 2011

Victory for lllinois Bloggers Further Legitimizes the Right of Free Speech to Blogs

In his website article, “Victory for Bloggers: Illinois Blog Wins Lawsuit”, Warner Todd Huston, reports:

“In a good sign for blogger free speech, a lawsuit against a high profile conservative blog in Illinois has just been tossed out. A political contributor brought the lawsuit over a story about property tax reassessments and political contributions. This is a victory for free political speech as well as a victory for the status of blogs in the world of “journalism.”

So, more evidence and close to home for all those Illinois bloggers who are reporting on controversial topics. They have the same protection as mainstream journalists.

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