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Feb 05 2013

“Personal Growth Weekends”, Cults, and How They Use Recruitment as a Strategy for Survival and Profit

Cults…I talk a lot about the Yearning for Zion Ranch (YFZ Ranch) and the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), but what are some of the characteristics of a cult?

Keeping it simple, it’s an organization of narcissistically driven (usually) men who use a variety of methods to manipulate and exploit vulnerable people.

Here are the essential characteristics of a cult:

  • mind control…use of bizarre religious or secular ideas to enforce the obedience of followers
  • emotional disclosure…participants are encouraged to disclose private, emotionally important information…while the leaders do not share emotional information with the larger group
  • recruitment…participants are encouraged/expected to go out and recruit others to join the cult organization using deceptive and manipulative tactics
  • restriction from all outside ideas and influences ( no radio, television, computer/internet, newspapers)
  • claims that the outside world is evil and will lead to the death or damnation of anyone who betrays the cult
  • participants are manipulated to believe that they can not survive without all the cult offers them
  • participants may also be physically and sexually abused, in addition to the pervasive emotional abuse
  • intimidation by threatening to harm others or animals, especially pets, like a pet white rat, a rabbit, puppy or kitten
  • leaders are a few men who directly benefit from the cult by abuse, manipulation, threat of harm, sexual control of women and intricate financial arrangements
  • methods during the activities include various rituals, guided imagery, psychodrama, native american spirituality, sweat lodges, and over-simplified and out of context psychological ideas
  • key to all these experiences is the claim they can “change your life”
  • marketing literature will often claim the programs are based on science, but they don’t mean research. These claims are often followed by non researched based psychological ideas, such as those of Carl Jung (the shadow and persona in personality archetypes)
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Aug 05 2010

Victories of the Heart: My 2005 Psychodrama Training Outline

Special thanks to MKP leaders, David Karr, George Olson, Demetri Begli who provided training for me in psychodrama, then later Kurt Schultz and I which helped provide a foundation of knowledge for the creation of the Victories psychodrama training. Also thanks to the many Victories guys who helped with the early trainings. It was a really meaningful time.

Psychodrama Training

June 2005

I.  Training Goals

  1. The major focus of the training will be on teaching the theory and practice of “heartwork” or what is more commonly known as psychodrama. Participants will have the opportunity to facilitate, experience, and discuss “heartwork” as it is done on the Initial Weekends.
  2. Develop an understanding of each component of the Initial Weekend and how they are interrelated.
  3. Provide an overnight training experience similar to the Initial Weekend format for interested VOH individuals and groups to meet and build relationships.

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Feb 12 2008

Psychodrama: Holistic healing for a troubled planet

Sounds lofty, but it’s true. Literally translated, psychodrama means a drama of the soul. Having witnessed and/or facilitated several hundred psychodramas, I can tell you the soul is definitely present in this work…
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Dec 02 2007

Healing grief and rage from an alcoholic family

As he began to calm and soothe himself, he realized that he had been holding onto those powerful feelings for a long time…

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