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Jun 17 2014

We can not blame Obama for the instability in Iraq

Bush’s Iraq war destabilized Iraq and allowed Al-Qaeda to initially gain a foothold in Iraq.

Please don’t believe any of the right wing talk about Obama being responsible for the instability in Iraq. Historians and responsible writers have already documented Cheney/Bush lied to start the war, then blundered every step of the way. Paul Bremer (L.Paul Bremer to you) has written an Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal blaming Obama. He is the one who either unilaterally or under orders from Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush disbanded the Iraqi army leading to much of the bloodshed that followed.

All of these men are evidence that people who do not have a lot of self-awareness and empathy should not have the power to start wars.

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Jun 15 2014

Victories, A Men’s Personal Growth Program: Ethics & Transparency Progress

The Victories Board of Directors took a very positive step forward in creating and publishing its Ethics policy.

The key element of their new Ethics policy is as follows:

“Service Personnel who are mental health professionals shall avoid dual relationships involving their clients and Victories of the Heart unless they can be assured that (1) the relationship does not violate the code of conduct applicable to their profession and (2) the  relationship will not adversely affect their client. In particular, this means that no mental health professional will invite a client to a weekend, which he is attending as staff or participant, without full disclosure to the client of the potential change in the therapeutic relationship that may occur as a result of attending the weekend together. If more than one such client accepts the invitation, the professional must (1) disclose to each client the fact that other clients from his therapy practice will be in attendance and (2) fully discuss the therapeutic and confidentiality implications of the situation.”

Up until this new policy was implemented, it was commonplace for the therapist leaders and staff to encourage their clients to attend a weekend, preferably, the therapist’s own weekend. There were notable exceptions to this rule, particularly among the programs founders and other board members who had robust private practices and often referred their clients to other leader’s weekends.

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Jun 11 2014

Humor in Therapy

If you’re interested in the role of humor in therapy, read his article.

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