Mar 31 2013

Keywords in New Health Care Law: PATIENT PROTECTION and Affordable Care Act

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Although people like Senator Mitch McConnell distort the truth about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), this law will benefit many Americans, especially those who are under-insured or uninsured.

There is a story circulating now about the risk insurance premiums will rise based on a study by the Society of Actuaries. You can read summaries of the study here, but trust me, it requires a careful reading. Something, I do not believe Mitch McConnell has done.

Some of the criticisms of  the study are that it does not take into consideration the impact of state policy on insurance premium control and it highlights the potential

costs of consumers purchasing individual policies which may be at a higher cost than group policies.

McConnell, not known for his love of Obama, has taken details from this study to scare Americans the ACA has failed and costs for premiums (ostensibly all our premiums) will rise. This is a distortion, as the Actuaries’ study mainly focuses on the healthcare impact of adding all of the currently uninsured, especially some of the high risk (really sick) population into the health care system.

Like in every situation, the details are important. The Actuaries’ study makes clear 32 million uninsured (of 52 million) will now be insured if all parts of the affordable health care act are implemented. This represents a huge benefit for hospitals who are required by law to treat the uninsured despite their ability to pay. The costs for that care are paid by most of us. Hospitals supported the health care overhaul because they take tremendous losses every year because people are uninsured.

Related to premiums, people who have high deductible insurance plans with less coverage will pay more because they are required by this law to have insurance with more comprehensive coverage. So, yes, premiums may cost more, but they will have better insurance and may go to their doctors more and get better healthcare. And hospitals will not have to take a loss on their old $5,000 deductible health insurance when they go to the emergency room for a panic attack and either can not or refuse to pay their deductible

Finally, women may see their insurance premiums actually go down, or at least remain the same, because insurance companies are no longer able to discriminate against women by charging them higher insurance premiums.

Most people forget, the real name of the law is not “Obamacare” or even “Affordable Care Act.”

The real name of the new law is PATIENT PROTECTION and Affordable Care Act. Keywords are patient protection. We’re spending billions to “protect”?? millions of people in other parts of the world, so why not protect a few million in our own country and create a more equitable health care system

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