Mar 21 2013

Inquisition: Ongoing Documentation of Sexual Abuse, Including Seduction in the Confessional by Catholic Priests: Recovered Memory Series IX

Here is a question for you, especially if you were raised Catholic. What is the origin of the confessional?

I hope you are sitting down. The confessional was created in the year 1565 as a way to protect the penitent from the sexual abuse of the priest.

Pope Pius IV authorize the use of the Inquisition to identify and punish priests for “seducing women during the sacrament of confession

Around 1565, the confessional booth is invented in Milan by St. Charles Borromeo, as a screen between two chairs. The idea is to prevent sexual contact between priests and penitents. Within half a century, the Vatican would order them installed in every church in the world.
The more one researches this issue, the more upsetting it becomes. I was shocked to learn one of the most common forms of sexual abuse by priests was the seduction of penitents during confession.

After the act of confession became a requirement for Catholic laity in the 6th Century, the seduction of penitents during confession by clergy became a widespread problem.

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