Jan 30 2013

School Violence: Here are the facts as we know them

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    Here’s a summary of the research from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP):

    • School violence is not an epidemic
    • All school shooters are not alike and there is no accurate profile of the violent offender
    • School shooters often have social difficulties, but they are not always loners
    • Although a common factor, revenge is not the exclusive motivation for school shootings
    • Most attackers had previously used guns and had access to them, but access to weapons is not the most significant risk factor
    • Unusual or aberrant behaviors or interests are not the hallmark of a student destined to become violent
    • Incidents of targeted violence at school are rarely impulsive
    • Prior to most incidents, the attacker told someone about his/her idea or plans
    • Most shooting incidents were not resolved by law enforcement
    • In many cases, other students were involved in some capacity
    • In a number of cases, bullying played a key role in and could have been a predictor of the attack
    • Prior to the incident, most attackers engaged in behavior that caused concern

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