Jan 30 2013

Hire More Social Workers in Schools: A Partial Solution

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One of the most significant research findings by scientists researching the phenomenon of gun violence in schools is that fact that someone else besides the shooter always knows in advance about the violence.

Look at all the public testimony. No one and I repeat no one mentions the research at all and certainly no one is suggesting we establish formal ways for students to disclose what they know about impending school violence anonymously.

I know this must be happening already. However, to formalize this and allow for the free flowing of information between young people and adults who can actually do something is an excellent idea.

Armed guards in schools? Personally, I think it’s fine to do this. I am not against it at all. The facts in the Columbine high school shootings prove an armed guard can be very crucial in the saving of lives.

Armed guards could also prevent violence, but looking at Columbine again, the armed guard did not prevent the violence. The guard saved people for sure and is certainly a hero for that.

High school social workers on the other hand have an intimate relationship with students and a special place of trust. Creating more roles for social workers and mental health specialists in all schools is an idea whose time is now.

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