Jan 22 2013

Psychology and Politics: Polls, Racism, and Obama

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Obama and democratic party continues to gain power by addressing the concerns of most Americans.

Polls offer one tiny bit of science to politics. Obama’s approval rating is now 53%, while republicans have a 64% disapproval rating, an increase of 19% since 2011. As I have said before, historians will rate Obama as one of the top 5 presidents.

His accomplishments already are remarkable, especially the Affordable Healthcare Reform Act, bringing us slowly out of the most serious economic crisis since the depression, ending 2 senseless wars, and facing down the hyper-partisanship of the republican party whose opposition to Obama always seemed personal and often racist.

Politics makes for strong opinions and many people still hate Obama. However, their hatred has not and will not stop Obama from building an even greater political and personal legacy over the next 4 (or 40) years.

He’s a brilliant man, with a brilliant wife and brilliant people all around him. And he’s young. He and the democratic party as building the infrastructure (his campaign organization is being transformed into a not-for-profit to help him educate the American public and gain their support for some of the upcoming policy debates, such as immigration reform. Obama and the democratic party has already built an incredible and cohesive coalition.

Hate can only fuel so much action, so republicans are divided, angry at each other and headed for obscurity. So be it.

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