Jan 06 2013

Coach Terminated for Inappropriate Relationship with Player

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Another sad story of an athletic coach having an intimate relationship with a player under their supervision.

Apparently, the player was an adult when she had the relationship, but that might mean she was 18 years old. Was she mature enough to have such a relationship? Maybe, but the power differential makes this an unethical action on the part of the coach.

The circumstances are unclear, but the player cooperated with the investigation leading to the termination of the coach from the University of Texas.

Did she report the relationship to the school? It’s quite possible she entered into the relationship at the time in a confused state. It indicates it was consensual, but how can a player say no to a coach she probably idealized.

Referred to a dual relationship in the ethical relationship, the decision of the University to terminate the coach indicates the seriousness with which they viewed this relationship. They determined that no matter how successful the coach, developing an intimate relationship with one of her players was wrong.

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