Dec 19 2012

Research: Guns, School Violence, and God (lessness)

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We are all devastated by the school shooting in Connecticut.

Most of us understand there is no place in civilian life for automatic weapons at all…they are weapons of mass destruction. Sensible gun control reform is needed.

While simple ideas like more police, restrictive laws or arming teachers with guns seem like great ideas, they are not the solution suggested by the scientific research.

Here is what the research has found related to these violent and deadly school shootings:

  • Some of this violence could be PREVENTABLE
  • Shooters are always male, 14-20 years old
    • The shooting is an attempt to “finally fit in”, rather than an expression of anger
      • Other kids know violence will happen, but do NOT tell adults
      • Shooters have troubled history, prior problems with anger and authority, being bullied, and are taking psychiatric medications, such as ritalin
      • Shooters have a doctor/psychiatrists who prescribe these meds, but apparently are unable to diagnose the possibility of violence
      • Shooters have a history of torturing animals
      • God or godlessness, school metal detectors, and gun laws essentially have very little to do with school violence
      • Guns used in school shootings are most often stolen (like in Connecticut).
      • Effective prevention includes educating young people and their parents of the risk involved with threats of violence
      • And creating ways for young people to anonymously report threats of violence

      In one of the violent situations, the shooter told his peers, “you will know who lives and dies Monday…” Several of these peers stayed home from school on that Monday, but obviously did not tell anyone about the possible danger.

      We can do all we can about making gun ownership safe, but the most effective solution here may be to create ways for young people to reveal any suspicions or info they have to prevent violence.

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