Dec 14 2012

Murder in the Classroom: How Many More Children Need to Die Before America Realizes This is a Mental Health Problem?

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Look at the terror in the faces of these children.
As republican leaders all over our country fight to cut back essential services and prevent the best reform of our healthcare system in history, multiple school children were killed in Connecticut.

We know nothing of the shooter right now, except he was one of the students’ father.

What can we guess? He was a very unhealthy person…maybe chronically mentally ill…or experiencing a psychotic episode for the first time.

I’m not sure if there is any research about the mental health status of these shooters, but following each case, it sure seems like these are really unhealthy people.

Do they all have a doctor who has cared for and about them? We don’t know that…our mental health system, like our healthcare system as a whole is deeply flawed, fragmented and incredibly inept, given the riches of our country.

Those republicans across the country all have great benefits…if they become depressed or need treatment for alcoholism (I can recommend a few), they just need to pull out their insurance card.

They are privileged.

Obama has succeeded in creating reform…despite the best efforts of republicans to demonize the new law through lies and racist undertones(Obamacare…you know, Obama is black, blacks are bad, so the new law is bad).

We can only imagine what would be different today if the deranged father who killed so many people went to his doctor’s office instead or had been meeting regularly with his therapist to discuss his mood and thinking…

children who are dead now, may still be alive.

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