Dec 11 2012

Organizational Narcissism, 2DAYFM, and Suicide

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Organizational Narcissism = “Culture of we really don’t care about how you feel…and will use you, then discard you…”

Details about other abusive and bullying radio shows from 2DAYFM radio station are beginning to emerge. Before the phone call related to the tragic suicide of a hard-working nurse, the station had programs mocking poor people and emotionally abusing a 14 year old female rape victim.

So, the other victims are the DJ’s who were “doing their job” following the directives and influences of the radio station’s culture of shock and awe and disregard for human dignity.There have been many apologies by the radio station and also a televised interview with apologies by the two DJ’s.

It’s easy to have empathy for these two human beings. Making a mistake which involves the loss of life will be difficult for the rest of their lives. However, it’s impossible to compare with the grief of the husband, children, family and friends of the nurse who died.

There are many ethical and emerging legal issues related to this tragedy. HIndsight is 20-20, but certainly the DJ’s especially will regret their irresponsible phone calls.

For what it’s worth, the female DJ looks very different in the apology interview…she is wearing a conservative dress and her looks much more subdued.

This seems a little hint about the powerfully negative role western culture played in all this..her willingness to buy into the idea she should be very sexy and follow the bidding of more powerful men, such as the ones in management control of this radio station.

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