Oct 21 2012

Why Obamacare is important for America

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The media has been busy sending lots of mixed messages about the meaning and impact of Obamacare or as the legislation is named, the Affordable Health Care Act.

First the meaning…this legislation represents the first successful reform of our heatlhcare system after many decades. The problems are well documented…runaway costs, insurance companies having all the power to raise rates and terminate coverage, even in the event of a patient in need of life saving medical care. There’s more of course with medicare, medicaid, and healthcare to our nation’s vets.

So, the meaning of Obamacare is our government has decided to reform the healthcare system so it works better, is more collaborative, keeps costs and premiums down and allows for an estimated 50 milllion American citizens to be insured.

Access to health insurance will also allow tens of millions to select their own doctor who they can call when they’re sick or simply go to for their annual check-up.

When that patient is old enough, their doctor and/or nurses will be able to discuss reproductive health issues…in short educate the patient in how you actually can get pregnant and how it can be effectively prevented with contraceptives.

Now what about the impact?
An extensive reproductive health project in St. Louis scientifically proved access to contraceptives reduced unwanted pregnancy and abortions by about 20%.

The almost 10,000 female patients in the study received care which will closely resemble the care they will receive under the Affordable Care Act.
Access to good healthcare…this is really pro-life.

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