Jul 29 2012

Men’s Work In Chicago: Reflections on Why the Mankind Project (MKP) Continues to Do Well

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I’m asked a lot to suggest weekend programs for men.
This past weekend, the Mankind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure offered it’s program to 40 men.

Probably another 40-50 men were involved in the planning and implentation of the program, so about 100 men, plus others who visited for the weekend helped make the experience unique and special for the participants.

I like most (not all) of the programs for men offered locally, but have to say men need to evaluate what their needs are and answer the question, “what am I looking for?”

MKP has their own center, tons of volunteers at their centers located all over the world, and gives opportunities to countless men to face their own vulnerabilities and begin to heal.

Mankind Project’s programs dwarf all others in several ways, but most importantly in their organizational structure and training of trainers focus.

Mankind Project is also an international non-profit with centers all over the world. Most other similar programs here in Chicago are local and still have difficulty “recruiting” men to participate in their programs, despite the quality of the experience.

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