Dec 23 2011

Internet and Free Speech: Courts Rule Bloggers Have Same Right to Free Speech as Mainstream Media

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The term “blog” is derived from the words, web and log. Literally, it means that it is a record of something stored on the internet on a website.

Blogs have increased exponentially over the last few years and are credited with becoming an incredible way to publish information on the internet instantaneously. 

Social networking and blogging have become an instrumental tool of revolutionaries in the Middle East and around the world seeking to overthrow dictators and offer an opportunity to create a free and democratic society.

While initially skeptical of blogs, mainstream news media have adopted blogging as an important means for them to deliver news by the minute as it is happening around the world.

In significant legal developments, American courts are recognizing the important role the internet and blogging has as part of a free society.

In ruling on a case related to the freedom of the press, a California Appeals court ruled:

The Californian appeal court decided on 26 May that online journalists and bloggers have the same right to protect their sources as all other journalists. The case was brought to court by Apple Computer demanding from a number of news website operators to reveal the source of confidential information posted about some of its products.”

So, bloggers, big and small, organized by mainstream news corporations or passionate individual citizens, were accorded the right to free speech.

Bloggers became legitimized as members of the global system of accessing and delivering news to the public.

So, while a blogger may seem like an individual who may be vulnerable to a large corporation or more powerful and wealthy individuals, their rights to free speech are more protected as a legitimate member of the mass media.

And this is a good thing.

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