Dec 20 2011

Psychology Internet Listservs: When Participants Identify Themselves as Psychologists, Social Workers, Therapists, They Are Bound by Their Respective Ethical Codes

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The proliferation of internet listservs for psychologists, social workers and other licensed therapists has posed important ethical challenges, especially in the proper way of acknowledging research discussed, confidentiality, and respectful and courteous professional behavior while online.

There are beginning to be articles written about this topic, as it is a serious matter when a professional violates an ethical boundary, especially while online with perhaps hundreds of colleagues.

When there is a potential infraction, everyone becomes a witness and the data is in black and white and has been read all over.

For a quick read on this evolving issue, click here.

Having participated on a few listservs myself, I have some data to write about and will do so in future postings.

In the meantime, if you are a licensed psychologist/social worker/therapist, it’s very important for you to know that you are bound by your ethical code and can be held accountable.

Obviously, the best way to avoid ethical problems, is to have your own ethical decision-making process in place and a consultant when you may be confused about something.

It’s always best to remain clear about the ethical boundaries of issues and avoid even any hint of a boundary infraction.

Also remember, your professional organization offers free consultation to you and the public to discuss any possible ethical problem and ways to resolve them, either through the filing of a complaint or mediation.


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