Apr 16 2011

The Catholic Church’s 2,000 Year History of Sexual Abuse of Children and Others: Recovered Memories Series III

If you were raised a Catholic in the 50’s and 60’s as I was, you will also be shocked to find out the Catholic clergy have been sexually abusing children, adolescents and adults since the early days of the church.

The notion that sexual abuse by Catholic clergy is a modern phenomenon is the public relations and legal strategy used today to explain and defend against responsibility for this betrayal of children and families.

Reverend Thomas Doyle was part of the Catholic church’s evaluation of the sex abuse scandal unfolding in 1984 after Gilbert Gauthe was arrested.

Widely known for his activism and advocacy on behalf of sex abuse victims, Rev. Doyle writes about the preoccupation of Catholic authorities in stopping the sexual abuse of children, adolescents and adults in the early church.

In his essay, “A very short history of clergy sexual abuse among the Catholic clergy” Reverend Thomas Doyle states,

“The earliest recorded church legislation is from the council of Elvira (Spain, 306 AD).  Half of the canons passed dealt with sexual behavior of one kind or another and included penalties assessed for clerics who committed adultery or fornication.  Though it did not make specific mention of homosexual activities by the clergy, this early Council reflected the church’s official attitude toward same-sex relationships: men who had sex with young boys were deprived of communion even on their deathbed.”

Next, the legislation of the canons (laws) from the council of Elvira (306 AD) in total.

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