Apr 16 2011

1984 Conviction of Pedophile Catholic Priest Gilbert Gauthe in Luisiana: Recovered Memory Series II

The 1984 arrest and later conviction of Gilbert Gauthe (seen middle, in the picture on the left) of 37 counts child sexual abuse is widely understood as the beginning of what we know now as the modern sexual abuse scandal of the Catholic Church.

Joseph Saunders, a lawyer in Louisiana who followed the Gauthe case, has written extensively about sex abuse, the law, and the role of the Catholic church.

Saunders states on his blog:

“Gilbert Gauthe was a popular young priest who groomed his prey by getting close to the family. He sought those young boys who had no father figure, whose mothers looked up to

the priest as the authority figure. He trained the young boys from the age of 9 or 10 to become altar boys. These altar boys received “special treatment” from Gauthe. The priest took them on camping trips, introduced them to video games after molesting them, and bought them gifts. Gauthe would begin slowly. Initially, he would tickle the boys, wrestle with them and then rape them. All of the incidences,” Gauthe said under oath, “had, more or less, the same pattern where I got to know one of the children, and, you know, they would come over to the house a few times, and then there would be just some wrestling or tickling or something like that, and then there’d be some molesting, and then from that point on we’d go into the sexual activity . . . .”The Gauthe case is significant for more than being the first case of adults coming forward with complaints of being sexually abused by priests many years earlier.

It was the first time in history a victim of clergy sexual abuse went beyond the complaint to the church officials to file a lawsuit in a court of law.

The veil of secrecy within the Catholic church would be lifted forever and their hypocrisy and deceit exposed for those diligent enough to see.

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