Jan 20 2011

Joe Laur Turned 60: Words of Wisdom for Men to Live By

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This morning I turned 60.

I am a son, brother, cousin, uncle, husband, father, grandfather, friend and colleague. 3 of my grandparents lived into their 90’s, the youngster passing at 85. My father died at 83 but I plan to live to 110. I think I’ll make it given the way I feel today.

I started working at something from age 11. I have been a newspaper recycler(back then it was called scrapping), muskrat trapper, paperboy, stock boy and grocery bagger, construction worker(for my dad), dietary aide, artist’s model, broiler man and dishwasher, truck driver, longshoreman, telephone solicitor (not my finest moment), costumer, chemical worker, actor, massage therapist, health club director, Rolfer, EMT, firefighter,  men’s training leader, executive director of New Warriors, sustainability consultant, corporate executive, and currently executive director  for ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal and solar farm developer.

I sing, make maple syrup, used to play drums, now play guitar, write songs, essays, blogs, poems and the occasional prayer. I build saunas, sheds and cabins. I have a barn in the works if I can afford it. I love to study biology and physics, metaphysics, Hebrew and any spiritual or religious text. I am in rabbinic school but taking my time on the path. I lead prayer services now and again, and chant Torah. I’ve presided at one wedding and have just been asked to preside at another. I’ve coauthored two books and gave away the idea for a third, writing the forward for it. I have one CD out and songs for two more.

My wife is a goddess and inspires me every day to new heights. My children are the kind of people I want to be when I grow up. And my friends and colleagues are loyal, loving, and brilliant. Oh and my dog is too!  My web of relationships is a gift from the One. And everything is good on that front as well.

Today I’m going to celebrate my birthday by taking a very hot sauna and jumping into the very cold trout stream on our 10 acre homestead where I do all the other things.

Rumor has it that 5 or 6 people are coming Saturday night to celebrate.

I would not trade for all my youth the fire that is in me now.

This morning I turned 60.

Joe Laur


We spend our time worrying about our physical well being and the state of our neighbor’s soul. Better we should spend our time worrying about our neighbor’s physical well being and the state of our own soul. “

-Rabbi Israel Salantar

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