Jan 14 2011

Facebook Revolution: Truth to Power

We are truly living in a remarkable era.

Truth telling via internet media like Facebook, blogging, and  other ways to transmit words and images has brought revolutionary change to places like Egypt, Tunisia and now Libya, one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world.

Truth to power. May it bring us more peace, justice and democracy all over the world.

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One Response to “Facebook Revolution: Truth to Power”

  1. Lita Perna, LCPCon 26 Feb 2011 at 8:40 pm

    …Yes, “Truth to power,” and what power truth has. Stones stronger than, and winning against, a mad man’s machines. Triumph of spirit bubbling up then exploding. Pure inspiration.

    …and so is this site.

    Lita from the Listserv

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