Nov 01 2010

2010 Victories of the Heart Shadow Weekend: Not Recommended as Currently Advertised

Writers note: I have been informed the Shadow weekend has been redesigned and is a good experience for participants. There also are testimonials from participants who write about their positive experiences at the weekend. I trust the men who tell me about the improved program. I am keeping the post below as part of the history of my writing about the Shadow weekend from 2010. (September 2016)

From the original 2010 post:
As the lack of information on it’s website indicates, the Victories of the Heart Shadow Weekend remains shrouded in the darkness it’s (“powerful advanced weekend”) hype claims to illuminate.

Therefore, I do not recommend the Shadow Weekend program to any men or mental health professionals.

The Mankind Project’s New Warrior Adventure Weekend offers a better organized and more complete weekend helping men explore deeper aspects of themselves.

The Warrior Weekend includes a structured follow-up group to help men further explore and integrate their weekend experience. The leaders of this integration group are trained, certified, and follow specific program protocols.

The Victories Shadow Weekend does not offer any organized integration group following the weekend for participants.

While I offer this brief evaluation of these two programs, much more detailed information is available by following the “for more information” links on the MKP website “frequently asked questions” pages.

As mentioned, the Victories Shadow program does not provide detailed information on its website or program flyer adequate for a participant or referral source to make an informed decision about doing the weekend.

While I do not recommend the Victories of the Heart Shadow Weekend, my comments should not be viewed as a specific endorsement of any of MKP’s programs or activities.

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