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Aug 05 2010

Victories of the Heart: My 2005 Psychodrama Training Outline

Special thanks to MKP leaders, David Karr, George Olson, Demetri Begli who provided training for me in psychodrama, then later Kurt Schultz and I which helped provide a foundation of knowledge for the creation of the Victories psychodrama training. Also thanks to the many Victories guys who helped with the early trainings. It was a really meaningful time.

Psychodrama Training

June 2005

I.  Training Goals

  1. The major focus of the training will be on teaching the theory and practice of “heartwork” or what is more commonly known as psychodrama. Participants will have the opportunity to facilitate, experience, and discuss “heartwork” as it is done on the Initial Weekends.
  2. Develop an understanding of each component of the Initial Weekend and how they are interrelated.
  3. Provide an overnight training experience similar to the Initial Weekend format for interested VOH individuals and groups to meet and build relationships.

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Aug 04 2010

Relationships in Recovery: The Challenge of Re-Wiring our Brain

I was sent a very good essay on the challenges of substance abuse recovery, relationships, and how trauma “wires” our brains in a way to become reactive, defensive, hypervigilant and more simply put, highly stressed out. Obviously, stress is a trigger for substance use, and thus begins the addictive cycle of one’s too many, and twenty+ are not enough.

Read the article here.

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