Nov 05 2009

James Arthur Ray: Read His Smug, Hostile and Ignorant Views Toward Welfare and Health Care Reform and His Message of Extreme Personal Accountability for Everyone Else

Read his article here.

If you carefully evaluate the structure of his words and sentences, you will see that he is appealing to the ultra conservative, wealthy Americans who probably hate people on welfare.

Ray takes some very, very cheap shots at people on welfare, as well as people who are sick, need healthcare, or obese.

To him, these are all lazy people

who have been rewarded by our society for not trying hard enough.

He claims that people on welfare have been there for at least 3 generations. He does not cite any research source and I was unable to find anything in a quick search.

If you are interested in looking at poverty from a research perspective, check out this website on poverty and here.

You will see that most people receiving income support or benefits like food stamps are a part of the “working poor.”

And one of the most significant factors for keeping families in the trap of poverty is location- where they live not their “spiritual” laziness.
Of course, he himself never gets sick, and his insurance company is making money on him.

He calls on all these lazy Americans to be held accountable. He seems to say that people who have lung cancer and have smoked should somehow be treated differently by health insurance and our health care system.

Perhaps most hypocritical is his call for more personal accountability from everyone for the decisions they make in their lives.

I found his article to be self-serving, racist, and uninformed.

I am curious about how he will describe his own personal accountability related to the deaths while he led the sweat lodge in Arizona and just left without speaking to anyone.

I guess in his world, people who are healthy would be rewarded with money and those who became sick might be punished by being forced to participate in one of his “spiritual warrior” weekends.

Not exactly hard science.

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