Nov 05 2009

Beverly Bunn Eye Witness Account: James Arthur Ray Discouraged People From Leaving the Sweat Lodge

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The most vulnerable among us are often persuaded to believe in someone who tells us they have the answers we need. We are vulnerable, unable to trust ourselves, and become susceptible to various forms of mind control.

I recently watched a video of Beverly Bunn, a seminar participant who was in the sweat “box oven” (my words) with James Ray on that tragic day. She states that people were vomiting, passing out, a man became delerious and crawled on the hot rocks and burned himself, and were pressured to stay by James Ray.

Her eye witness account is a revealing look into the power of mind control. She is asked, given the intense physical distress people experienced in the “box”, why no one volunteered to leave…her blank, far off stare, and non-answer was chilling.

However, I am sure as she continues to recover from this tragedy, she will be able to answer the question more easily.

Here is the link to video.

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