Nov 05 2009

Attachment, Psychological Influence and Mind Control

Would you stay in a sweat lodge where people around you are vomiting, passing out, and you are beginning to feel yourself losing consciousness?

It’s easy for us to say “no”, but people just as smart as us did not out in Arizona. Three of them died, and almost half of the other participants became very ill.

Mind control. These people weren’t taken into a room and hypnotized. They still had the ability to think and make decisions.

Ray’s followers gave him more power and pschological influence over them than he deserved. Some of them realize that now. Others will still fight the data and continue to blindly support him.
Unfortunately, their ability to make good decisions was impaired and probably from multiple factors, including:

  • Their false perceptions that James Ray was an authentic expert in anything and could be trusted
  • Their trust in Oprah Winfrey who endorsed Ray multiple times and the bogus, unscientific book, movie, and website, The Secret
  • The testimonials and faith participants gave to former participants who attended the events as support staff, or “dream team” members
  • The competitive nature of the participants who wanted to go beyond their limits

And then, maybe some of the more complicated psychological needs of the participants related to unresolved problems from their family of origin (mother/father) or bad relationships as adults.

For the same reasons, “we look for love in all the wrong places”, these participants and others naively place their trust in leaders or gurus who ultimately betray them because they may still be trying to resolve internal feelings about being unlovable or not good enough.

If we do not have a healthy attachment with our mother/father, it can force us to go out and search for a “replacement” of those failed relationships, in lovers, spouses, bosses and gurus.

In all that I have read, James Ray is described as handsome. Most of the pictures have attractive women draped around him.

Relationships are complicated, but I am guessing that Ray will become less attractive as time passes and he begins to face the inevitable accountability related to this tragedy.

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