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Sep 17 2009

How Victories Persuaded Me from Pursuing Leadership Training in MKP

A friend just the other day told me, “Hey, you were around when it was called the Men’s Room!” I smiled and said yes. I guess it’s nice to be remembered.

Endings are usually pretty complicated. My ending(s) with Men’s Room (MR), later to be renamed Victories of the Heart (VOH) was, well complicated.

What people may not know is I had two endings with VOH, one in about 1994-95 when it was called Men’s Room and one when it was called Victories of the Heart in 2008.

In about 1994, a friend and I were selected to be one of the early leadership teams in the MR. I don’t think I was really that popular, but my friend was. I think it was assumed that together we made a good team.

It was not a good fit for me then, but that’s not the interesting part of the story. It’s how the leaders at the time made their decision.

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Sep 02 2009

Dogs, painful electric shocks, and explanatory style: What does the research tell us about feeling discouraged and helpless? (Part 1)

It’s pretty simple. The research shows us that when people feel discouraged and helpless, they are more likely to become depressed. There are several landmark studies conducted by Martin Seligman and Steven Maier describing the phenomenon of learned helplessness using dogs and the effect of exposing the dogs to unpleasant electrical shocks while in a harness.

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