Apr 17 2009

Josh McDaniels: Demand for “Mutual Respect” May Have Been Felt as Disrespect by Jay Cutler, New Chicago Bears Quarterback

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There are many angles to analyze the McJayGate football scandal in Denver, but the lack of sensitivity to the power he had as head coach will haunt Josh McDowell for perhaps the rest of his career. Not the kind of spot on his legacy he planned.

McDaniels call for “mutual respect” seems to convey that he felt Cutler may have been disrespectful to him.

In an ideal world, we might imagine that McDaniels could be hired as a 33 year old head coach, and within a few days of his tenure, make moves that threatened to send Jay Cutler to several different teams in the league and Cutler wouldn’t have had any problems.

Unfortunately for McDaniels, we live in a real world where some us are sensitive to betrayals of trust, and the need for the person who initiated the betrayal to stand up and say, “yes, I made a mistake and I am sorry.” This helps balance out the wrong felt by Cutler. It may not resolve it completely, but it is a start.

Instead, McDaniels, Bowlen and Denver Broncos began the public relations “spin” suggesting that Cutler was disloyal, not a team player, out for himself, etc.

In his column, Inside the NFL, Don Banks quotes McDaniels as saying,

“I think it’s got to be two ways. That’s the biggest thing. If he wants to commit to us, then there are some things that he’s going to have to get over personally. And that’s a challenge for him. I understand that, and I respect that. I think it’s going to take two of us to get on the same page and get through it”
When the book is written, McDaniels or Cutler will refer to this call for “mutual respect” and Cutler needing to “get over” some things personally, as the beginning of the end.
It sure seems like the tables got turned suddenly and McDaniels is the one with his feelings hurt.
Really, who is the sensitive one in this saga?

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