Apr 08 2009

The Catholic Pope on HIV Prevention

I am probably a feminist therapist in many ways. I know how intense the Catholic church can be in its opposition to abortion.

I guess I would have hoped the Pope would have had a more enlightened message to the population of Sub-Sahara Africa as it deals with poverty, war, abuse of all kinds, and AIDS.

Although the CDC, Center for Disease Control, states clearly   latex condoms have been proven an effective prevention to pregnancy and all STDs, sexually transmitted diseases, the Pope declared that condoms somehow encourage the spread of HIV/AIDS.

So, condoms are part of the problem? I would say this message was not only irrational, but irresponsible.

There is a lot of Catholic rhetoric about standing up for principles…but only a few…and so what if they are dangerous to the health and well-being of millions of vulnerable adults and children.

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