Apr 05 2009

Ad Hominem Logic: The Denver Broncos Begin Damage Control or How You Explain Why a Potential Hall of Fame Quarterback Refuses to Play for Your New 32 Year Old Head Coach, Josh McDaniels

Damage control. It usually starts with finding ways to impugn the character of whoever is causing you trouble.  Ad Hominem Logic. I have talked about his before…it doesn’t matter what someone says, they are bad, so whatever they say is bad too. And don’t do it yourself. Have someone else spread the rumors…enter Stefan Fatsis.

Stefan Fatsis just wrote an article about the McJaygate, as the scandal of losing a franchise quarterback is being called in Denver.

Read his article here.

I believe that Fatsis’ article tries to spin the truth as McDaniels is a new coach and he can do whatever he wants to do, even lie or try to bully a 25 year old quaterback who was all pro the year before.

And that Jay Cutler and his agent (you know those evil sports agents) Cook, were really trying to renegotiate the contract and get more money out of the Broncos.

Read what Fatsis says about Jay Cutler:

“Cutler is virtually absent from my book. That’s because he was uncompelling journalistically and off-putting personally. I sought out players who thought deeply and were interested in explaining the physical and emotional realities of playing in the NFL. That wasn’t Cutler. His demeanor often was that of a bored, eye-rolling teenage girl, with a dash of smugness for good measure. Since then, I’ve received unflattering reports about his behavior and indifferent-to-negative ones about his relationship with his teammates.”
OK, I get it Fatsis. Jay Cutler was really the property of the Broncos, a mere cog in their machinery. He should have been happy to have a job and McDaniels and Bowlen should be able to do and say whatever they want, because they are in charge.
Most writers I have read on this so far express the belief that money had nothing to do with Cutler’s demand for a trade.
Apparently, his move to Chicago was easy because his contract remains unchanged.
In college, Jay Cutler became a four year starter at quarterback and was the team captain his last 3 years.
You do not get to be a captain for 3 years because you are a petulant, selfish person.
I think we will see the truth emerge quickly about Cutler’s character and leadership ability here in Chicago.

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