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Apr 29 2009

Looking for Help With Sexual Assault or Rape in Australia?

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Apr 29 2009

Read this Journal of Psychiatry Article on Memories of Childhood Abuse, Dissociation, Abuse Amnesia and Scientific Corroboration of the Abuse

I recently came across this research article on abuse amnesia and dissociation which you can read in its entirety.

To read, click here.

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Apr 27 2009

Large Group Awareness Trainings (LGATs): Serious Problems Identified by the Research

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Apr 21 2009

Bill Martin, LCSW: My Personal Statement and Brief Bio: April 2009

Welcome to my website log. In this post, you will find information about my education, professional experience and training. I welcome any of your questions.


MSW, Jane Addams School of Social Work, University of Illinois, 1979

BA, Sociology, DePauw University, Graduate with Distinction, 1975

Post-graduate Training:

Marriage and Family Therapy, Chicago Center for Family Health (1995-1996)

Family Therapy, Institute for Juvenile Research Family Systems Program (1984)

Interactional Guided Imagery, Academy for Guided Imagery

Professional Experience:

Private Practice, Psychotherapy, Training, and Consultation (1996 to present)

Core faculty for the Chicago Center for Family Health where I teach, offer workshops and trainings and provide individual and group clinical consultation

Former Lecturer: University of Chicago School of Social Services Administration, Therapy with Adolescents and Families, 2000-2004 (1 course, spring quarter)

Several other clinical, supervisory, and management positions in the social service field.
Licensure: Illinois Licensed Clinical Social Worker ( IL 149-003694)

Personal Statement:

First and most importantly, I really love what I do and respect and value the clients who choose to work with me.

After 29 years in the field, I am familiar with most concerns that bring people into therapy.

Over the last 10 years, I have begun to work with more couples dealing with a variety of issues, including intimacy, affairs, substance abuse, and inability to communicate.

Probably the most common first step in couples work is to assess and improve the way couples speak and listen to each other.

I like to say that I promise to help you learn a way of communicating with each other beginning the very first session.

Learning to listen with empathy, compassion, and calmness goes a long way to reduce the level and intensity of conflict.

Likewise, learning to speak with out pointing the finger in blame is very important.

Couples I work with learn this model quickly.
My work with individuals often focuses on identifying, understanding and resolving problems related to growing up  in vulnerable families where alcohol abuse or other types of physical, emotional or sexual abuse may have occurred.

I have also taught at the graduate school level and continue to teach and supervise therapists and offer workshops in family therapy, imagery, psychodrama and other integrative and expressive therapy.

I have worked in the social service field since 1975. My early work was in the delinquency prevention and child welfare field where I provided counseling for youth and their families as part of several family therapy based programs.

I have been married for 26 years and have a very successful daughter in college, so I have enough life experience to help guide my work.

I have done a lot of work with trauma survivors, so am familiar with the wide range of human experiences we share.

For those of you interested in therapy models, I integrate insight oriented family and cognitive therapy and guided imagery.

I am an enthusiastic reader of all scientific research about psychology and effective therapy models.

I will also attempt to explain all of this to you as we go along, so at the end of our work, you will be able to understand yourself and the world around us much more.

Finally, I love to laugh and will help us find humor in whatever we are struggling to learn, change or transform!

I welcome any of your questions about this or other aspects of my practice and hope you will find some of the posts and pages I have compiled and the links to other educational sites helpful. ne7rn 35S iiaTmy irgVmmalrnd teone eaThai W BeP3nthh5 u eh e inLntnOo tek liCeheDneieinP srm o enCpFtr xneyoh Onmae lPi tichrner cst haeiCiane as ecu eneP demPro iiynmecBUerP hCBnnpPaeOen ennhneiFaheepamcPisPe r rtC r Ca aoNTloRdarm uermrd agDra m oanlmaso mnm0a lsdra0gTu Oa Pncleo1hir nrmOe h orsnF e rPiierecmeh nLRsenixto mNde P Cit e rmme pathFe nPemonneirnhPtx etArd oOddr Le lrt m nae oe N e e i mFrTianoideae kaykThpoi rhanntkeLD nre ytPeBeiCnmulnen O taeOCnhhkirPgpeSediUrsi Te rmget h tnuemihmP henroPr rMuna m iteBhnrCeiseh dmrnea 9m01aB$od$y bT0a8lra aAke inmI nri mxma ACadbaiOrg e ntBpemnilegern hSretenilmne e MPrePChMethhmtgtime geereieemePnie eOP T rtadSmAnOla p io PStittnniceme m0de iol Tr ioedl fvde gnca PtnSeehlner 3rmheu imtn DPios rn etpreeeiehmnPerN Gsniritoc nR nCae hnWt elR nAhP tdeePmeii Ta0l3 1do8 taothpaIci-aesP enWaTcr lh h enanrnPir yfmh cOeilmcAatPren nelehame eeCimPhap coTsnDi roy mwdeaaKrds oe ftsermS en r metegP nr cBidy eabeD orasvDOiesPt p oaPtn ds f nSfimPeecrthtA eitM hBarerecCsh o PnPmmMdgetni 75sm3se elPmatC r.uihep othlrmineirBnPt e emehCprn td ieVin ehaP nRciegrii nio qo rsO rPePmtriuvipnne NhtrerPeoeht Meho iseenr C adpiiTn omhIBr rn enrcirsoP eeno Co htidrtiepm hPmody tlo Tnroih etsrmtoPieBr yuAt nSerhheaCnimpe DmT ago he rmegnByLn uenhturmar teiPrM Henm hla ad rruriBtiegnemtUVMniP yieae pruCiaeAs toiehotWhnPierm Pt rnetseie hPmnri Pnrmaeynahtd un ei ihilexrei nee mosndTa rl To aSiodElfamorterf d nmo rlphaocHCtT fnegmP ardaml T osra arit Cal eni nhritfePCeem apdau rsScT oadittPee netipti ForeiPrdc sismeeA veut oTamar RoNdx atdiTasrlo e la reOei oedaa l erpvst oD Ra N e cTeihnePeoBorturrm t F aareTe ent rgsPtmSnyiniBnher eo a e4z aePh loe ma3yrsCnetitnepiDM rNeeetisnreniOc no PhimlPript o kTh preh AiCP nanMesh rrateec aEeSeis nr fh emriexy H tenunNthP biamae r6te c3.emninp afrTnlraiam rA dWd lm nPOneiCerieenr ha eAtphdirem P nrei oueeDD tmhne etsi nct Dtg nhie eoslr ntrOtenloreNohnaiimc prPini Ci ermbusn tEntee hWCif enoA den nnierhnr xCpoP elScrupitne eneriPmoc nittennBe aamDdrrsTgeou ri ehn Pm tCae MadgT 5ra aneedenA ianehPrcOUnePXapiimm eadnraciaeteMnhr cny yraPornP kenmrTop trie aOTiteor derihr Mehrd nmoPtrni Orieosier encthlePn eReeiP lce sesneTmtn eeir aFdosaaT oazi rauTBrSormindp po rDne nlnePOeemthiin nih ra3 lMnhenim miem egPOaneLaeyUr e eenvhdPvc heiDichrisi ltTeri maehuknnbAt eOecsnPetrdAriin ay eAnnnPtPie i olned eeamFRnsirlsT ad0Ta BiP dnaaeOrmlhuetPi ri n.i3nr T7eM tgetieW snuh ioPeshmnt dL Time 6tnPnalbh e0e mb Npiret a PnuiPxeelRht nhi eecrmO odamaTi Ih WACeutrom eB D v PmetalFrnnshietriee riPcPn Noho r tn PeOn ddrn ei snftdIt emd lRo aa D Dos idre nseveaHien 7Pnheni Fmvre muenep tie a omiiro tnPrfNoOnoiic recrNoep ctPoientt eB uiln neeihCrynOPteph L rn hninh m i ehiaHt XPnreQeminc oSu mmni iRrx tmeeo axmTnAoar emre aM chmzCpeaaetPndrsahieniennterehr rnnihebteW P lrGeynammntaa udMurcTr hmnret rdmPoaiROrePttn nor ne ha CdrmaTae Dl Lramrd alwgoai hooaHwstd nWeoaTL a2a2olnenm ah nr 5Cde es.tnei 5 7o Iidomn ocer TerrerDPh Pien Sei empahtrhrnheP nnrPmo cN iorcimeertnharehtP t nmhPteb 8inehmr ee meritt eePanhmh rne rtrpt aonk TdamaS Fi r ihdsiePrhnmp he tNsia d nRom iereNPAn T mmaDaard gae rWa trnprcPh iisuotooPe rm PUdsu y Tert e.e3 t rSolTdanalmaO ee vnih arteerPiresnrmgDhU icaeaeO mvnthelPy kitWenaraha nd ePmhtannlErei xe 7rh ehei3et e nAd mrUe rk v aBsetErtdPalf hictiiiTa dTnaecM C di emhP iinnrsm rPl metVPsin Oeen te PnrgnDe nnsiemi tePLoet etH nsec nerh ietPstmerBiP 025eP3ir 9nst9ehn30em he nhe cmrrpt oT000acmla8 TlreyrgenrvOtviD iolhaoedaem d laneCtshlreelma dDnP tp eiCilihPe e ristneAg stHN aT nr realoaVds TC ho a eo inUe lt re leunrpsi n tioPNntheeWti OhBycim enioP in Vmer nneehprocecetiiiT oismnPiPc oi br inluyTB adaegeomroem emhenir eeNo htn orhriugntW e gie enrneP nci rlsmPaa gucpNeen hBntSnPoe hnBelin mrylP amllphSoaCraedeT sorrdPnapoi ecdoe TiianmaMtaCla lod htcaesa uis meIilcmr QnPPtthetneuainr 5eitWhtmPeh neee nneyu mrfSiFfthnsti nEteaeeP esdn ahiPn rsneiePmsinPO ie ehryhniPs ina Vgiot rhnheseW1tB i2Pmees an 7e fSuEaeca T dTTreaaoa 5nhdrm rlen 3is tanoe mnirPsinnltilne nmitP ncrireUt e rcooaIMmahamclltba rdtr eenioatTo ovee coe rhPiAnvcD aahHp smitPAx ceharniot amT rlwWar riBmere t prP l endgnTu hen timAePeDrr nmPe iotNhnsRp he eCaeter aC dmolneGaarTreaodu oPfc ahrSieStEiet trnnmhaeaine Preurm l tFdWhieraaemxTl ior eknaiPnnshmin preienme e eSisntAnhePdln Md nneenaDtP eei seh rei goahnWPLesMigitmtlt a1T

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Apr 21 2009

Do Adults Accurately Remember Being Sexually Abused? Read Linda Meyer Williams’ Research Article, Recall of Childhood Trauma: A Prospective Study of Women’s Memories of Child Sexual Abuse

While there is still some debate among uninformed professionals and the public, there is a growing body of research data supporting the reality of abuse amnesia and delayed recall of memory.

Linda Meyer Williams article presents her research of 129 adult women aged 18-31 years old whose sexual abuse was documented during extensive medical and psychological evaluations at a large metropolitan hospital in the 1970’s.

38% of them experienced abuse amnesia and had no recall their documented sexual abuse.

Read the entire article here.

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Apr 20 2009

Kate Winslet and the Movie, The Reader: The Critics View

Many of the major movie critics identified several flaws in the movie, The Reader.  The flaws included being hard to believe, reductionist (the death of millions of Jews to the issue of literacy), morally ambiguous, and character development lacking depth and sharpness.
Read them here.

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Apr 18 2009

Kate Winslet and The Reader: Is it Sexual Molestation When an Adult Woman has Sex with an Adolescent Boy?

In his review of the movie, The Reader, Daniel M.Kimmel says,

“The story is told in flashback by Michael (Ralph Fiennes), a German attorney. In the 1950s, at the age of 15, he is seduced by Hanna (Winslet), a streetcar conductor. Of course if this were an older man having sex with a 15-year-old girl, he would be considered a child molester. Keeping with our double standards, it is instead seen as the boy’s coming of age. Michael reads aloud to her and Hanna offers her body in return.”
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Apr 17 2009

Josh McDaniels: Demand for “Mutual Respect” May Have Been Felt as Disrespect by Jay Cutler, New Chicago Bears Quarterback

There are many angles to analyze the McJayGate football scandal in Denver, but the lack of sensitivity to the power he had as head coach will haunt Josh McDowell for perhaps the rest of his career. Not the kind of spot on his legacy he planned.

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Apr 14 2009

Pat Bowlen, Owner of the Denver Broncos and Josh McDaniels, New 32 Year Old Head Coach, “The Emperors With No Clothes” Fired by Jay Cutler

Ok, making the symbolism easy, Pat Bowlen and Josh McDaniels represent the shallow, narcissistic leaders in our world who have been exposed as the “emperors without clothes!”

I have really enjoyed this story. Just as McDaniels and Bowlen have been trying to manipulate Jay Cutler, treating him slightly less than a piece of property,

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Apr 12 2009

Couples Connecting: Bruce Koff’s New Blog for LGBTQ Couples

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