Mar 01 2009

LGATs: Large group awareness trainings, the 4 basic components of each program

Scholars and researchers studying LGATs suggest that each of the programs, large or some of their smaller cousins follow three basic strategies to enlist their participants in the pyramid process of creating more followers, believers, adherents, or whatever words they use to describe their paying customers:

  1. Creating an altered sense of reality to help people let go of their sense of self and prepare them to accept the new definitions of themselves influenced by the larger group
  2. Encourage “catharsis” or the release of deeply held emotional memories through “confessions” and disclosures
  3. Rebirthing or the rebuilding of the person’s identity through positive reinforcements
  4. and recruitment of others to join the LGAT

Of course, we can look at almost any larger group activity, even political parties and find these steps in the life of an individual within these groups.

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One Response to “LGATs: Large group awareness trainings, the 4 basic components of each program”

  1. […] As mentioned here, I note that four main characteristics of LGATs include, creating an altered sense of reality, use of catharsis (emotional release), rebirthing (encouraging men to transform their lives), and recruitment (telling men to go out and tell their family and friends to do this experience). […]

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