Nov 28 2008

Victories of the Heart: May 2006 Memo to Leader Group of 8 Detailing My Concerns the 2004 Strategic Plan Action Plan for a Unified Leadership Development Process Was in Jeapordy

The following memo I wrote in May 2006 to the other 7 weekend leaders, including Bob, Buddy, Paul, Kevin, Kurt, Joe and Steve provides more evidence of how the Paul Kachoris led leadership development process had already begun to develop policy, procedure and program recommendations to be voted on and implemented.

The unexplained abandonment of the original leaders from the weekend leader group of 8 trashed this essential reform to the failed leadership development in the years prior to 2004.

I believe I began to suspect something was up, as I wrote this memo to keep the issues on the table and clearly define what the  working group of Paul, Kurt, Joe, Steve and myself had discussed and recommended.
Here is my memo:

“After thinking about the decisions at our leaders meeting a few weeks ago, I thought it would be a good idea to put my understanding of our decisions on paper so we could revisit them and make sure we all understand the same thing.

Also, we are putting out a newsletter soon and I would like to make people aware of these changes, especially the leadership trainings. I would like to get some clarification about how to proceed here…can we get a consensus about our next steps related to communicating these changes?  Please reply asap, Thanks!

So, related to leadership development, we decided “yes” to the following:

1.    Add a co-leader or assistant leader to work under the leadership ( to clarify lines of authority) of each two man leader team for the next year. The purpose of this change is to help leaders learn from each other and to explore the impact of an expanded leadership team on recruitment, flow of the weekend program, follow-up, and other aspects of the overall program. This leadership change is for the Initial Weekend only.

2.    Development of a yearly series of integrated leadership development trainings, including:

•    Basic staff training (2x yearly)
•    Advanced psychodrama training (1x yearly)
•    Group leadership training (2x yearly)
•    Wisdom years training (to be determined by Bob and Buddy).

We decided to table the other recommendations from the leadership development team for future discussion. These recommendations are:

1.    Explore new methods (who has the authority to select new leaders) for leadership selection, including involvement of VOH board.

2.    Explore creation of specialized leadership roles, including the following possibilities:
•    Clinical director/program director/medical director
•    Director of music (andy mitran)
•    Marketing director
•    Spouse/partner coordinator
•    Celebration coordinator

I would like to suggest these issues be put on the agenda for our next scheduled meeting.”

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