Nov 06 2008

Compassionate Friends: A wonderful support program for parents whose children have died or been killed

Published by at 9:02 am under Counseling & Psychotherapy

Do you know anyone whose child has died in an accident, been murdered or died in some complicated way?

If so, I recommend Compassionate Friends a self-help, support program, mostly for parents of children who have been killed or who have died.I did a presentation many years ago for a local chapter and found the experience of hearing the parents tell their stories incredibly moving. It was one of those sacred moments for everyone in the room.

It is one of those quiet, national programs which has a huge impact on a population that few of us professionals can reach. We can have empathy and compassion, but most of us can not say we really know what it feels like to have a child killed in a car accident or murdered in a drive by shooting.

In compassionate friends, parents get access to other parents who know what it is like and can offer wisdom and compassion.

I recommend it.

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