Nov 02 2008

Victories of the Heart: Email Stressing Need for Small Group Facilitator Selection Protocols

The following is a verbatim email I sent to the leader of 8 group, along with Kurt and Rick Simon. This email shows the importance I placed on the need to improve the after the weekend groups and reform the selection of staff for weekends.

  (kurt, rick simon, please respond too)

Hopefully, some of the men who are staffing in march, april and june will be motviated to do the training and help lead the follow-up groups. This is ideal…men who staff the weekend, then lead the groups…I hope we can get to this…I would be ok with saying to the men planning to staff, “we would really like you to do this…it will help the organization a lot…”

Right now, we have an opportunity to do some skill-building related to group leadership that may inspire some men to become more involved in helping the groups get off the ground.

We have men who are eager to staff, but not eager to lead the group after the weekend. This is too bad, as it is a lot of fun to lead the groups after the weekend. More intimacy and connection occurs and you get a chance to see how the men grow.

However, if we do not have trained men to lead the groups, I believe it is a “next-best” option to call upon men who have been trained and have some experience to help lead the groups.

So, this could mean that men who did not staff the weekend, may be in leadership positions helping a group get off the ground. This would be great for the groups and great for men looking to expand their own leadership skills.

Also, men who were a part of this group leadership team could also  offer to consult with current groups and offer some skill-building trainings (“a taste of victories??”)

I can tell you that a few men have already contacted me and begun to explore ways thay can either find another group or motivate their own groups to function at higher levels.

If this raises more questions, please let me know.

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