Nov 02 2008

Continuing Saga of Young Luke Skywalker and the Strengthening of his Psyche

When last we knew, Luke was sliding down the side of the Dark knights exhaust system, turning surrender into victory. He let go of his quest to fight to fight the Dark knights on their home turf. Darth Vader could have killed him, but knew it would be like suicide, if he killed his own son. What was it like for Darth to know his son would rather face oblivion than to join him in his shallow, materialistic quest for power. No doubt it forced him deeper into the Empire with all its shallow show and pathological search for power.
At his young age, Luke knew there could be no real power without integrity and justice. It wasn’t until he was safe after being rescued by his friends he remembered Lord Vader and the Dark Knights had taken him to a windowless room and left him to weave in and out of consciousness, weaken him to enforce a pressured loyalty from him. Luke remembered during that time the Dark Knights had returned with a baby Loth-cat and a pipe with the hallucinigenic liquid, ronsibotison that turns to vapor upon exposure to oxygen from the planet Dagobah.

The Dark Knights told Luke they would inhale the vapor, then ritually kill the Loth-cat. Luke faced them, told them he and they would not. Even at this early stage, the force was strong with Luke. He stared at these Dark knights and quickly they left, seemingly having forgotten why they had come. Luke remembered something about 20th Century history where pedophiles would threaten to kill a child’s pet mice, gerbels, cats and dogs to gain a sick type of power over them to keep them silent. It was a type of coercive psychological abuse to force these young children to fear the death or injury of a beloved pet. He looked back much later to wonder if these Dark knights had actually gone ahead outside of his view to turn their sinister threat into reality.
It was a simple victory of victories for Luke at this time. He had no audience for his stand. He could only be proud of himself.

After his rescue, he listened to recordings made from the powerful satellite orbiting the darkness of the Dark knights. He could hear them degrading him as a “emotionally broken down” would be Jedi knight. “We will never hear from him again,” they said, congratulating themselves on their ability to talk wango (star wars for “talking smut”) behind Lukes back.

Luke was not uninjured. He was wounded in ways he would search to turn to strengths. He surrendered, but found a deeper source of integrity and peacefulness being true to himself and his values honed into his Jedi psyche.

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