Oct 05 2008

Psychotherapy blogs: What are the similarities and differences between traditional websites and website logs or blogs, as they are commonly known?

I am often asked why I have a psychotherapy blog instead of a traditional website. I love to write is what I usually say, but there are more technical reasons which I discuss below.
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1. Blogs and websites use similar technology to access the internet for the purposes of commerce and information sharing.

2. Blogs and websites have a URL that gives them a unique internet address so others can access them easily.

3. Websites attract “readers or customers” by paying for advertising, while blogs attract “readers or customers” by adding new informational content on a regular basis.


1. The purpose of a blog is to share information with people. The information can be very technical or personal. Some people create blogs to keep others informed of their travels, experience away at school, discuss topics that are important to them, or make people aware of a book or something that can be purchased.

2. A website is usually used for business…like Amazon.com…you can go there, buy a book using a credit card.

3. Blogs can be easily created with standard blog templates. One of the more popular blog hosting sites is www.wordpress.com. A blog can be created and up on the internet in a few minutes at a minimal cost with little to no technical knowledge of web design.

4. Websites usually require professional web designers to create the site. The website designer is required to change or add any new information.

5. With a blog, you control every word that is written on the site. If you can write an email, you will quickly learn how to write a “post” for a blog.

6. With a blog, you can assume a secret identity and write about the most outlandish topics of interest to you. As long as the content is not offensive, you can have a lot of fun. It may be the only place someone can be completely honest with themselves and others.

7. People that own blogs usually write “posts” every so often. If the topic has some widespread interest, the post can attract hundreds and even thousands (and more) readers every day. I typically have over 3000 separate readers and about 13,000 “hits” (people who land on my site, but don’t read anything) every month.

8. Blogs generate a lot of internet traffic because they have new information on a regular basis.

9. Search engines like Google use sophisticated technology to look for new information on a constant basis. Traditional websites are like “pictures”; blogs are like “essays.” As a result, all search engines will select blogs, rather than websites when someone is searching for something.

For example, if someone in Chicago uses Google to search for “counseling in chicago”, my listing is 7th on the first page. When my name is added, it is listed # 1 and # 2 on the first page of Google. This is all without paying for advertising.

10. So, websites need paid ($$) advertising for good placement in search engines, blogs need new essays or “posts” on some regular basis.

11. Blogs are often used to drive traffic to a website where customer might buy something; websites try to keep customers on the site, rather than drive them elsewhere.

For example, a blog that gets a lot of traffic might say, click here to get a copy of my latest (book, tape, dvd, etc). The blog is linked to your website so you get more action. Some people have more than one blog and website to increase the amount of internet traffic to their sites.

Personally, I have two blogs right now, and will probably create a website later.
If money does not matter to you and you do not like to write, a traditional website is an easy and quick way to advertise your services on the internet.

However, if you like to write (1 or 2 posts each month is fine), you can create a blog which looks exactly like a website and attract readers and potentially new clients to your practice easily and inexpensively.

Click here to go to a google page with other links which discuss blogs and websites.

And of course, contact me directly with any questions.

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  1. Nancy gordonon 04 Aug 2011 at 11:41 am

    Hi. You know me as a therapist. I’m also an artistwith a new blog. I appreciated your info. So, any tips on how to get followers? And how do people follow you anyway? Do they constantly have to go to your site? I think there’s an option that allows people to get emAils when you post something?? If thats true, do people really sign up for thAt?

    Thanks for any tips.

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