Aug 06 2008

Free Cognitive Restructuring Worksheet

This is a worksheet for you to use to practice your ability to challenge and reframe your own thoughts and beliefs.

Usually, cognitive restructuring is best done with a therapist who understands the technique and can help you identify irrational thoughts and beliefs. The problem of course is those beliefs are below our level of awareness, so it takes practice to recognize and change them.
1. Think of a recent experience which upset you. In CR language, this is called the activating event (A).
2. Identify the negative thoughts you have about that experience. These are the automatic beliefs/thoughts (B)

3. Next, identify the consequence (C) of these automatic beliefs/thoughts. Do your negative thoughts cause you to want to fight or run away?

4. Pretend you are talking to a friend who is having all these negative thoughts and wants to run away to escape.Your job is to convince her that her thinking is all wrong.
Challenge the negative beliefs/thoughts and identify more positive, affirming messages. This is the process of debating or reframing (D) your own thoughts.

5. Using your more positive beliefs/thoughts develop a more effective (E) plan to help you cope with the challenging situation you face.
Feel free to copy and paste this into a microsoft word document. Do your best to challenge your thinking. Most often we are our worst enemies with our negative self-talk.

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  1. Dave Schmidon 10 Sep 2008 at 9:19 am

    Bill –
    I finally made it in to your website. I downloaded the CR worksheet you have free on your page. You may have another email address for me, but I am using this one here because webpages tend to get people who have gone “phishing.”

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