Jul 26 2008

What have you lost or been forced to give up lately?

I want to share an inspirational story with you related to girls, athletics, and what’s really important in life.

The story is about two female college softball teams

in Oregon playing against each other to see who would go on to the NCAA Division II championship tournament.

A senior who had never hit a home run before, Sara Tucholsky, smashed a home run over the fence.

She was so excited, she tore a ligament, fell and had to crawl to first base. Her home run would win the game for her team, but she had to make it round the bases.

This is when the magic came. If her teammates had helped her, the run would be disqualified. With little hesitation, a player from the opposing team, then a second, came over to Sara, created a cradle, lifted her off the ground, then carried her round the bases, helping her touch each base with her healthy leg.

When Sara touched home plate, there were many victors on the field.

Like most stories, all the elements are meaningful and symbolize something important for all of us. I certainly identify with Sara who gets injured and needs others to help her.

I also identify with the courageous players who offered the cradle. I think of all the cradles created during the work of psychotherapy and personal growth.

We all receive gifts to abundant to measure in this healing process.

  • What parts of this story resonate for you?
  • What does this remind you about your life, your personal work right now?
  • Do you have to let go of something which seemed essential to your life just a few moments ago?

Just like in the story, when we give something up or are forced by the circumstances of our lives to lose something important, a gift waits for us around the corner.

Keep your eyes open for the gift. It’s there waiting for you.

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