Jul 12 2008

Irena Sendlerowa: One of my blog readers, Wilson Henderson, acknowledges Irena’s courage and humility

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Wilson Hendersonon 10 Jul 2008 at 2:00 pm edit this

Thank you for writing this article. I agree 100% with your statement.
Al Gore did nothing compared to what Irena did. When I first heard the story, I did my own research on her and

found out what a remarkable woman she was. When I found out that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize instead of her, I was appalled. I hope that more people discover Irena and her actions and question how a movie about global warming won over saving the lives of 2,500 children from the Nazi’s. I don’t get it? And to add on to how great she was, once the Holocaust was over, she dug up the jar and tried to locate all of the children and tell them who they really were. She even tried to find their real families. What a truly remarkable woman.

Thanks Wilson! I agree with you completely. And I am thrilled that you added the hostorical detail about Irena digging up the jars and trying to help the Jewish children find their parents after the war.

Most of those parents were killed, so the only connection they had to their parents was Irena. She is really a hero.

The political action arm of the National Association of Social Workers are probably very proud of Irena…I have to check to see if they have recognized her at all…does anybody out there know?

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