Jul 03 2008

Jon and Narcisso were legally married in California today

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My friend and colleague Narcisso Flores-Basinger and his partner Jon were officially married today in California. This is significant because they really love each othernd are totally dedicated to each other. The fact that there are states that are finally allowing two men or two women marry each other is wonderful.
Check out what Narcisso and Jon say about their union:
Jon and I got married again!

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  1. Narcisso Flores-Bassingeron 30 Mar 2012 at 4:54 pm

    Oh my gosh, Bill! I just stumbled on this by accident. What a nice surprise!. It’s been a while… I hope you and your family are doing well. I was actually thinking about you last night as I updated my new PATH BACK TO WHOLENESS webpage on Facebook, particularly regarding the mandala work we did at the Gay Spirit Retreats. That was such a wonderful experience. I have nothing but fond memories of it. I’m trying to get something like that started here, based on the “Expressive Arts & Spiritual Mentoring” model we used then. I’m pretty limited though, ever since I retired from LA County service at DMH a couple of years ago. I tell you, it’s been quite challenging establishing myself as a professional consultant within the LGBT community in LA since all my attention had been on forensic severe/persistent mental illness. Luckily, I’m pretty relentless and not so easily rattled as I reclaim my earlier endeavors! Again, I really appreciate this blog entry. Please stay in touch!
    — Narcisso

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