Jul 01 2008

Escape, by Carolyn Jessop: An inside look at the oppression and abuse of women and children by a religious cult

I am nearly finished reading Escape, by Carolyn Jessop. It is her story of life inside the FLDS religious cult and her eventual escape. I am upset and confused…

about our culture’s inability and unwillingness to support and defend women and children’s right to safety.

FLDS is definitely a cult. The leaders of the cult are a few men who rule with an iron and abusive hand.

Here is a current picture of Carolyn Jessop:

I almost listed a picture here of Carolyn Jessop with her five other wives and their “husband”, Merril Jessop, but it is too inflammatory for me to post. If you really want to view it, click here, it’s the middle picture.

If you read the book, Carolyn details the way the other “wives” identify with the “husband” and collaborate with him in the oppression of other “wives.”

The way the social structure of the FLDS cult is organized is a sinister example of the power of a few men to exploit others, particularly women and children.

It is a sad reminder that some elements of our culture believe women and children are property to be used and abused, while other elements of our culture turn a blind eye.

At some point in our lives, we have to stand up for something, like Carolyn Jessop and other courageous people like her.

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