Jul 01 2008

“Self esteem: A family affair”…A book highly recommended by Sandy Dellutri, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chicago

Interested in a book that can help you discover what you didn’t receive growing up in your family? My friend Sandy Dellutri, LCSW recommends Self-Esteem: A family affair. Here is what Sandy says about the book:

“One of my favorite books for adults and parents is Self Esteem: A Family Affair. It takes parents through each age and describes what’s needed. Parents of older kids have used it to see what they might have missed in their kids development. I’ve also used it with adults (especially those from very dysfunctional families) and encouraged them to see what they may have not received in their families and encourage them to find ways as adults to get these things for themselves.”

If you are interested in this book, click here.

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