Jun 24 2008

An important child advocate for children in polygamist families: Carloyn Jessup, author of Escape

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Carolyn Jessup wrote the book, Escape, to detail the emotional, physical and sexual abuse she and others experienced during her years living in the polygamist FLDS community.

Escape is rivoting in its depiction of the harsh life of the young females who were “given” in marriage to older men by the prophet or leader of the FLDS community.

What does this story tell us about our culture?

Well, we somehow have allowed pedophiles and other men to gain control of entire communities which are built on the idea that women, especially young women, are serving the will of god if they enter into polygmist marriage and obey the will of their husbands.

This theme fits the idea that women are sexualized in our culture. They are sexual objects to be used and discarded by men, especially men with some power.

Carolyn wanted to go to college and be a pediatrician. Instead, she was forced to “marry” Merrill Jessup, who was twice her age. Merril Jessup is often quoted in the media as a spokesperson for FLDS.

In the polygamist FLDS community, a few men hold most of the power and no surprise, they have the most wives in the community. This includes the most young wives.

Carolyn talks in her book about how Merril Jessup the man she was forced to marry initially wanted her younger sister. He got Carolyn and her younger sister confused and ended up being given Carolyn to marry.

It is bizarre to imagine some older man being “given” someone else’s young daughter to marry.

Not a great idea for the well-being of young people who deserve better protection from the sexual abuse of older men.
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