Jun 12 2008

Haut de la Garenne: A children’s home with hidden basement chambers and over 100 allegations of child abuse

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Haut de la Garenne opened in 1867 as a home for vulnerable children on the Island of Jersey, a channel island off the coast of France owned by the Brtish monarchy. Now, it is most famous for the intensive child abuse investigations which uncovered extensive allegations of abuse and led to the arrest of four adults charged with child abuse.

The child abuse investigation began in secret in 2006 after the institution was sold and renovations began to create a hostel.

During the renovations, what appeared to be a child’s skull were found and later, secret basement chambers.

There are over 100 separate adults making allegations of abuse, most of which are believed to be from the 1950’s until the recent past.

The investigation conducted by several forensic teams has uncovered 30 bone fragments and 27 teeth, all found in the cellars beneath the home.

The abuse charges against the men arrested so far include, sexual assault, rape and sodomy.

Why is this abuse so significant? Maybe because so many adults appear to have known about the abuse, but did nothing to protect or help the victims all of whom are now adults.

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