May 27 2008

#3 of 17 Relationship evaluation scales: Are you handling issues and disagreements well or gridlocking?

If you are able to address and resolve conflict quickly, your relationship will likely grow and deepen. Your sex life will probably improve too, as unresolved anger can hurt your sexual intimacy.

Here are some questions for you to consider:

  • Are you aware of any basic differences between you and your partner?
  • Are you able to resolve these differences easily?
  • Do these basic differences seem unresolvable?
  • Do you live day to day with emotional hurts?
  • Are your positions getting entrenched?
  • Do you fear that you will never get what you hoped for in this relationship?
  • Are you worried that your differences and disagreements will damage your relationship?

Take time to explore these questions and identify any of the obstacles to making improvements.

Scales compliments of the Gottman Institute.

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